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Thread: Backside scratching prevention

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    Backside scratching prevention

    The Arrow 5G has a beautiful black aluminum housing. Scratching the backside simply by putting it down would be a waste. Sadly, the amp does not come with any kind of protection to prevent this from happening.

    A simple yet effective solution is applying 4 rubber feet on the backside of the Arrow.

    (Original resolution here)

    Include 4 rubber feet with every Arrow amp.

    This does not have to be expensive. A pack of 576 rubber feet costs $ 24,95 on eBay. That is enough for 144 amps and would only add 17 cents of additional costs to each order but will save a lot of frustration.

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    Yeah, it's very nice. For me, I just use 2 rubber bands, and it works
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    Ok, will look for rubber feet or velcro dots...

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    I use 2 thick O-rings around the amplifier. The advantage over rubber feet is that they can easily be removed (for example, when putting the amp in a protective case or pouch) or repositioned (to avoid touch screen issues when using a rubber band to attach the amp to your DAP/Phone). And that they work on both sides of the amp, so it doesn't matter which way you put it down or stack your devices.
    I think the O-rings came from some large diameter coaxial connectors, but I've found suitable O-rings at my local hardware store too.
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