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Thread: I have an Arrow 3G and have question about power

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    I have an Arrow 3G and have question about power

    I own a Caffeine and Arrow 3G amp. I use my Arrow amp as a dedicated PC amp and have since removed the battery due to swelling. I am wondering if it is at all possible to make the amp stay on at all times and never shut off? It looks like it is a possibility to do so on the Arrow 6TX/NX and if so I would love the opportunity to upgrade again. Also does it function without a battery and external power only like the 3G? The 3G makes an annoying popping sound when turning on/off and there is a delay when it turns on. Back on 1/17/15 I had purchased an upgrade to the then 5TX with a discount for trading in my 3G but ended up cancelling 12/17/15 due to it never shipping.

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    The 6NX/TX won't work without a battery inside. But if you keep it connected to a PC via an USB cable it won't shut off.

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