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Thread: 6NX - first week

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    6NX - first week

    Firstly thanks Robert!

    Always heard about this amp from friends and headfi, but never actually listened to one. So I took the plunge and bought the 6NX (not extra bass version)

    I currently own/sold/borrowed Pioneer XDP-300R, iBasso DX200 and Chord Mojo. Earsonic SEM-6, Earsonic Velvet V2, UE TripleFi, so I知 into music, and by my earphone choice; I知 a bass head who enjoys v-shaped equipment and mainly listens to dubstep, Coldplay, John Lennon, Phil Collins, 2Pac, recently Infected Mushroom.

    My SEM-6痴 are quite power hungry, with my old iPhone 7, it felt like a Rottweiler on a vegan diet! So after receiving the amp, I hooked it up to my Galaxy S7 and bypassing internal DAC with USB Audio Player PRO, on came my test track 的nfected Mushroom - Drum n Bassa.

    My SEM-6痴 came alive, nothing short of what I expected with all the raving reviews and recommendations from friends. I知 no professional audiophile, so I知 not gonna give you an in-depth review, but from my experience with Chord and DX200, I can say the power and punch packed into this small thing outperforms both, SQ is on similar levels, perhaps Chord is slightly better, I never liked the DX200 so I壇 place it third, but the portability and battery life (I致e not had to charge it yet after a week!) outweighs the Chord by far which is bulkier and not trouser pocket friendly.

    One note, setting highest gain, and highest bass setting, provides ear splitting amounts of bass, cannot imagine what extra bass version would be like, but I知 happy with what I currently have which is a v-shaped high build quality portable amp.

    Happy listening!

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    I use my 5TX Extra Bass (amp only) connected to the output of my Mojo (which has brighter sound) in order to extend the bass. The results are GREAT with the Shure SE846 IEMs. Listening to Tidal (HiFi) via Bit-Perfect UAPP (USB Audio Player Pro).
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    The TX actually has intended a warmer "tube-like" sound. The NX is more neutral - not too bright, not to warm. If the Mojo sounds even brighter it may be is too bright.

    It took me really long to select the OPA2107 opamp for the NX version. It had to have a FET-input, crystal clear sound, low current consumption, high voltage capable etc. Only the OPA2107 was fulfilling every aspect. All other opamps had any drawbacks. Now you guess which opamp was the most expensive? Yes, the OPA2107 is one of the most expensive out there.

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