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Thread: O, p or m?

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    O, p or m?

    I'm hooking amp up to a portable DAP (Shanling MO). The DAP had a line out feature. Which setting should I use? The P or the M? It seems as if the O is only for charging. The instructions speak of an Android/IPhone device, and the DAP is neither. Confused.

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    Line out is normally an analog signal. Just connect this to the input jack of the Arrow amp. The Arrow's DAC will only work with USB connection.

    Just to explain the 3 positions of the "DAC" switch:

    O - Here the DAC is always turned off. When connected to any USB port the amp will only be charged.
    P - The USB DAC will be turned on when the amp is connected to a USB host (computer or an Android phone). At the same time the battery will be charged (thus recommended for hooking up to a PC).
    M - The USB DAC will be turned on when connected to a USB host and charging is disabled (recommended for Android phones).

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